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To read numbers in English, you can use the following guidelines:

  1. Start with the ones place and move to the left. For example, the number 23 would be read as "twenty-three."
  2. When you get to the tens place, you can either say the name of the tens place (e.g. "twenty") or the name of the tens place plus the ones place (e.g. "twenty-three").
  3. When you get to the hundreds place, you can either say the name of the hundreds place (e.g. "one hundred") or the name of the hundreds place plus the tens and ones places (e.g. "one hundred twenty-three").
  4. When you get to the thousands place and beyond, you can say the name of each place plus the corresponding number (e.g. "five thousand two hundred thirty-four").


Separation between hundreds and tens

Hundreds and tens are usually separated by 'and' (in American English 'and' is not necessary).
  • 110 - one hundred and ten
  • 1,460 - one thousand, four hundred and sixty
  • 3,002 - three thousand and two


Use 100 always with 'a' or 'one'.

100 - a hundred / one hundred

'a' can only stand at the beginning of a number.

100 - a hundred / one hundred
2,100 - two thousand, one hundred

Thousands and Millions

Use 1,000 and 1,000,000 always with 'a' or 'one'.

1,000 - a thousand / one thousand
201,000 - two hundred and one thousand

Use commas as a separator.

Special Names For Numbers

Number - 0

zero number
  • zero
  • nought
  • naught
  • aught
  • oh
  • nil
  • null
  • blank

Number - 1

one number
  • ace
  • solo
  • unit

Number - 2

two number
  • couple
  • pair
  • duo
  • deuce

Number - 3

three number
  • trey
  • trio
  • hat-trick

Number - 4

four number
  • cater
  • condor
  • quad
  • quartet

Number - 5

five number
  • cinq
  • cinque
  • nickel
  • quint

Number - 6

six number
  • half a dozen
  • sice
  • sextet
  • sextic

Number - 7

seven number
  • septet
  • septic

Number - 8

eight number
  • octet

Number - 9

nine number
  • nonet

Numbers With Readings Table :

Number Reading In Words How to read ?
66230 Sixty-six Thousand Two Hundred Thirty 66230 In Words
826 Eight Hundred Twenty-six 826 In Words
67538 Sixty-seven Thousand Five Hundred Thirty-eight 67538 In Words
7758.5 Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty-eight Point Five 7758.5 In Words
1311.3 One Thousand Three Hundred Eleven Point Three 1311.3 In Words
286.15 Two Hundred Eighty-six Point One Five 286.15 In Words
187.16 One Hundred Eighty-seven Point One Six 187.16 In Words

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